What do you look for when you’re deciding what drink to make for someone?

CF: First of all, I’ll assess how old you are, which tells me if you’re going to like things relatively sweet or dry. Secondly, I look at how you dress and if you’re here for business or more casually—that gives me an indication of the strength of the cocktail. I can often tell if you’re meeting a woman or a man and if it’s a romantic encounter. I’m looking at the watch and shoes you’re wearing. If you’re a lady, the garnish I’ll use is directly proportional to what color dress you’re wearing. The business I’m in is haute couture.

achei legal essa entrevista do Colin Field, bartender do Ritz de Paris. nunca pisei solo francês, mas espero estar lá na reinauguração do hotel e beber algum coquetel feito por ele.

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