The busiest season is winter because nobody wants to go outside. It’s dark, and the temperature hits minus-40 Fahrenheit. At certain times, it’s normal to see a polar bear in the middle of the street. A large pepperoni pie costs $18, and we have special bags to keep the food warm.

Four months ago, we bought a used Hyundai Accent for deliveries. Gas costs over $6 a gallon in Barrow, and the Hyundai is very economical. Every morning first thing I start the car (it takes an hour to get up to temperature) and unplug it (electricity keeps the engine and fluids from freezing at night). If I turn it off for 10 minutes, it would freeze and die, so I don’t turn it off until the end of the day.

o dia a dia de uma pizzaria delivery em Barrow, no Alasca. o tipo de coisa fascinante sobre a qual jamais havia pensado.


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