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This was a strange find. Noticing a beer sign that I did not recognize on the outside of my hotel I followed the signs towards “Pivniy Bar” that lead me up a stair. Behind closed doors I found a local with typical Eastern European style interior. Asking the waiter for a beer, and he immediately returned with an umarked glass poured from an unlabelled tap. I tried my best to ask for the brewery (my skills in Ukrainian is limited to say the least…), but this only caused confusion – until he got my point and pointed to the room next door. This was where the beer was brewed!

The beer itself was pale golden and lightly hazy – obviously unfiltered. It sported a wonderful, deep malt aroma, and butter malts also made up most of the flavour. It was medium dry with clean mouthfeel and a lightly grassy finish. A really good helles. And the price? 1.50Hryvnia (around US$0:30) per 0.5liter….

Per Forsgren, sueco que é um dos criadores do Ohhh… my head…, a melhor página de resenhas de cerveja na internet, em uma história saborosa de como chegou a uma das melhores cervejas da Ucrânia, na cidade de Uzhhorod.

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